After meal amaro

11 avr. 2024

In Italy, the ritual of bitter digestif is a must after the meal. This tradition even has a name: ammazzacaffè. Usually served after dessert and coffee, amaro - a bitter herbal liqueur - masks the taste of coffee.

"The ritual of the digestif brings me back to one of my dearest memories where it made perfect sense," says Mario D'Amico, founder of Iberville Spirits. "A few years ago, I was in the Calabria region in southern Italy, at my friend Marco's place. It was 40 degrees Celsius in the shade, and we had eaten well. After the hearty meal, we went to sit in the garden, seeking some shade. After drinking an espresso, we were offered a glass of cold amaro from the freezer. Love at first sight! It was so refreshing! It allowed us to digest and feel liberated for the rest of the evening."

Mario offers an initiation to the ritual of the digestivo with his local amaro: Amernoir. Here are three ideas from Iberville Spirits to have a great evening, with a glass of Amernoir in hand:

Reinventing the alcoholic coffee with noir café

"Any good Italian family will offer a caffè corretto [ corrected coffee ] with sambuca or grappa to its guests after the meal," assures Mario. In Quebec, the tradition of alcoholic coffees is well established, but we suggest reinventing this ritual with a hint of Amernoir in a coffee, after a good dinner at home or at a restaurant.

"In addition to being delicious, it provides a feeling of freshness, thanks to the macerated dune plants and pepper that make up Amernoir," adds Mario.

"Amaro" means "bitter" in Italian. Almost every region of Italy has its own amaro made with local flora ingredients: plants, roots, barks, spices, herbs, and fruit peels.

Prolonging the evening

Not everyone has a coffee after the meal, so one can replace the amaro in the espresso with a glass of cold Amernoir or over ice. "The digestif is what ends the meal, and it's also what 'opens up' the rest of the evening. A good amaro allows you to stretch the moment at the table, to make the pleasure last, to stimulate good discussions, to mark the moment," emphasizes Mario.

Creating a sophisticated evening

Impress your guests by offering them a glass of Amernoir after the meal, or bring a bottle to your hosts at your next dinner with friends. Initiate them to the Italian digestif ritual. Introduce them to the new trend in digestifs in the best restaurants and bars in North America: amaro.