8 avr. 2022

Iberville: drinking Italian since 2017, but in preperation since 1953.

Iberville is a company in Montreal, founded in 2017, offering products made in Quebec while paying homage to the Italian tradition. This project is the culmination of the blend of Italian and Quebecois cultures that the D'Amico family has known since Mario D'Amico Sr. (the grandfather) arrived in Canada in 1953.

Iberville, by its name, also celebrates the family home built on Iberville Street in Montreal, in the Villeray-St-Michel neighborhood. During the 70s, the grandfather produced wine there with his friends and brothers. It is in this same house that the first prototypes of Iberville products were developed in 2016 by the grandson of the same name, Mario D'Amico Jr.

Forte of its real made in Italy origins and a true pioneer in the Quebec spirits industry, Iberville is the first company to create Italian liqueurs, aperitifs, and spirits in la Belle Province.

Focusing initially on creating bitter aperitifs and liqueurs, Iberville has since introduced other types of liqueurs, spirits, and ready-to-drink products in Quebec, each time recalling the family's origins.

Today, the Amermelade aperitif is a staple in bars, restaurants, and SAQ branches across the province and has inspired a whole movement of aperitifs and liqueurs in the Quebec spirits industry. 

The amaretto Miele, on the other hand, comes in various forms and can be enjoyed throughout the twelve months of the year.

Iberville's product portfolio is diverse and evolving. You are invited here to discover it.

None of this would have been possible without the curiosity and openness of the people who gave the company a chance and have trusted it since. Iberville says 'Grazie' to them!

Amaretto drink
Amaretto drink