Negroni, nice or not?

11 avr. 2024

The Negroni, a bitter and much appreciated cocktail, was invented in 1919 in Florence, Italy. Count Camillo Negroni, after being bored by his favorite daily cocktail, the Americano (made with red vermouth, Campari, and club soda), decided to change the recipe. He suggested to the bartender to replace the soda water with gin, while keeping the important ingredients, namely the red vermouth and Campari. It was an immediate success. People started ordering an 'Americano with gin', and the cocktail now bears the count's name. 

More than a hundred years later, the success of this cocktail is still undeniable. At Iberville, we offer the classic Negroni, a cocktail that can be described as strong and risky, with Amer Amer instead of Campari as the bitter. However, it is possible to soften the recipe and make your Negroni 'gentle', meaning you can choose a more classic and mild gin, a vermouth that is not too bitter or aromatic, and use Amermelade as the bitter in the recipe. By doing so, you have a polished, courteous Negroni that is less defensive on the palate. 

Amermelade softens the recipe as desired, and the citrus notes of the product make the experience enjoyable for those who are less fond of bitterness in their cocktails. For lovers of tradition, it is Amer Amer that gives you the classic Negroni experience.