A Quebec sambuca

11 avr. 2024

Italy seems to be in vogue when looking at the landscape of Quebec spirits. In fact, for several years, many Italian-looking liqueurs and aperitifs have been appearing on the shelves of the SAQ. We are now familiar with aperitivi, amari, and amaretti.

But, true to its habits, this is where Les Spiritueux Iberville comes into play and offers yet another newcomer, a product that stands out. 

Racines: a refined, tasty, and refreshing Quebec sambuca. 

This local version of the famous Italian digestive presents typical aniseed notes, as well as licorice root, with a hint of violet and elderberry. A harmonious and atypical blend for this usually single-flavor category. Another example of how Iberville draws inspiration from Italian classics and reinvents them to give them an Italo-Quebec identity. 

Sambuca is drunk after meals, as a shot. But it can also be enjoyed in espresso, or even flambéed. A sweet and sugary elixir to discover.

“My grandmother, who immigrated here in the ‘50s, often told me that one of her greatest fears when arriving on the American continent was not knowing if the family would succeed in taking root in Quebec.”

Mario tells this story with emotion.

The matriarch can rest in peace. The D’Amico family, as well as the Iberville company, have taken root in Quebec.